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Serious hand loaders and shooters seek to match the perfect cartridge to their firearm. The team here at Lapua understands this, and has made our “Passion for Precision” the blueprint for our success. Ask any avid shooter about Lapua components and ammunition and they’ll tell you there’s no equal. Find your passion with Lapua cases, bullets and ammo.



Lapua hunting ammunition is made to perform. Not just most of the time but every time.



Lapua is world renowned for offering the highest quality ammunition for elite forces and military / law enforcement professionals around the globe.



Reloaders all over the world know Lapua’s cases and bullets as some of the most reliable cartridge components in the world. 

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Lapua Bullets, Ammo, and Brass Cases For Sale

Lapua ammo and reloading equipment are some of the finest available for precision and long-range shooters, and they’re especially popular among demanding reloaders. They produce cases and bullets for a broad range of calibers. Plus, durable Lapua Brass is designed to maintain exact tolerances even after multiple reload cycles.image

In addition to offering an array of reloading components, Lapua also offers a variety of cartridges sized in the most popular and some of the most niche caliber configurations out there, including .338 Lapua, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, even 22 LR! Lapua is ideal for any match shooter looking to set up that bullseye shot.